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Working with Fertri growing benches maximizes work outpout and ergonomic conditions. You’ll be able to water your crops much faster and evenly via both flloding and sprinkle systems. With our different models of sliding or rolling benches you’ll also make better use of avilable space since it reduces walkway areas considerably. They are built with materials that ensure long durability in corrosive surroundings: aluminium sides and crossbeams, galvanized iron for the lower structure, P.V.C. corners, etc. Depending on whta thet’ll be used for, they can be made with different bottom types: Ebb/flow plastic trays. Galvanized metallic net Isolation tray and aluminium sheets for heating benches. Characteristics Tray and ribs made in “FERTRI” aluminium section Trestle and overtrestle in galvanized tube by inmersion. Adjustable in height and leveling Fixed or movable Dimensions / Standard Wide: 1.80 m. / 1.60 m. / 1.50 m. / 1.20 m. Long variable Height of work: 0.90 m.

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