our greenhouses

FERTRI has a wide, useful and efficient product range, which could be adapted to each costumer request. We are ready to manufacture large areas greenhouses, offering specific solutions to each culture and climate, while we can attend and satisfy customers who plant little areas.
All our structures have high resistance and an useful design, so they are beautiful and have structural capacity. It is not necessary welding processes in greenhouse assembling, so it can be made quickly and easily, even the costumer can assemble the greenhouse by himself. The structures are very versatile, as you can extend and modify them as you like and whenever you need, even you can create separated areas inside the structure. All the structural pieces are manufactured in galvanized steel to avoid the corrosion, and they are manufactured in our plants as they are our own design.


The Gothic Fertri greenhouse is intended for agricultural production where the structure will be subjected to heavy loads.


FERTRI’s multitunnel greenhouse is the best option for professional cultures, which demand special care and climate conditions.


FERTRI tunnels have the best value for money of our products. They are structures with fully curved arches strengthened with braces and covered with plastic.


Fertri’s Macrotunnel greenhouse is a structure designed and optimized to grow berries and snails.


This type of buildings are intended for livestock, covering all the needs of animals.

livestock warehouses

Fertri’s Garden Centers are structures dedicated to retail of gardening products, where different type of greenhouse’s structures are combined to create different spaces with adequate conditions to each kind of plant we pretend to sell.

Garden Centers

FERTRI’s minitunnels are our cheapest and easiest greenhouse option.







Fertri’s structures are the perfect solution to protect the crop from sunlight, strong winds and insects without isolating completely the plants.

Roof Shades

FERTRI’s Static Greenhouse was developed for areas with hot climates and very frequent rainfall. It has straight walls, arches in the ceiling and reinforcement bars in all the structure.


Fertri’s warehouses are similar to greenhouses structures but covered with rigid materials such as polycarbonate, metallic sheets or panel sandwich.


Fertri’s Widespan glasshouses are characterized for their gable structure. They are made with galvanized trellis that conform the decks of the glasshouse.

wide span

FERTRI Shade Houses are optimized for big cultured land areas.

Shade House

accessories for greenhouses

Display stand

Growing benches

Thermic screen


Hot air generator

irrigation systems

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