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FERTRI’s multitunnel greenhouse is the best option for professional cultures, which demand special care and climate conditions. They are straight walls structures ended in the ceiling with arches and reinforced with braces, growing bars and crosses. This product has many different options, therefore it adapts perfectly to customer needs. They are very easy to install as all the pieces are joined with screwed clamps and only the pillars need a bit of foundation. Thanks to the quality and treatment of the steel they don’t need maintenance. Besides they are prepared to assembly structure changes or extensions very easily.

In our catalogue you can find the best measure of multitunnel for your land. You can choose different module widths (from 7 to 10 meters) and heights (from 3 to 6 meters), all of them with the length you prefer. It can be joined as modules as the costumer want for the greenhouse.

We manufacture different types of ventilations, depending on its situation. In the ceiling we have three different ventilations, depending on the percentage of width of the module which opens, ¼ of the width, ½ of the width and butterfly (it is like two ¼ ventilations, opening each of them to one different side). Ceiling ventilations work very well, controlling the temperature inside the greenhouse. For the straight walls in the perimeter we install rolling or guillotine ventilations.

It can be installed doors in the side or in the front of the greenhouse to enter inside it. They can be Hinged Doors or Sliding Doors and they can have one leaf for pedestrian use or two leaves to let machinery enter inside the structure. We can manufacture doors in any measures costumers need and they usually are manufactured in aluminum. Doors can be covered with plastic, mesh or polycarbonate which is stiffer and more beautiful.

Besides those configuration options now we ought to mention different accessories that costumers could install in the greenhouse in order to improve the cultures and the working inside it. They can be installed Thermal Screens, Shading Screens or Fans to control the temperature; Climate Controls to automate ventilations opening and closing; or Vine which pulls the culture growing. You can, also, check our catalogue .

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