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FERTRI tunnels have the best value for money of our products. They are structures with fully curved arches strengthened with braces and covered with plastic. It is a good option for people who want to start in the culture world or for home culture. With the tunnels can be covered little or large extensions of land. This greenhouse can endure the worst climate conditions during a long period of time without any maintenance. We are manufacturing and installing this product for 40 years, this is the best warranty of it.

This greenhouse has different measures of width in the catalogue and the costumer can choose the length of it depending on his needs (the length has to be multiple of 2m because this is the distance between the arches). The assembly process gives us the possibility of changing the greenhouse configuration, altering measures or pieces mounted.

There are three different options to cover the two ends of the greenhouse: The Fixed Front covers the end of the greenhouse with plastic and pillars, there is no entrance or door to enter inside the greenhouse; The Sliding Door Front includes plastic and a sliding door that is opened sideways and doesn’t protrude of the greenhouse saving space; The Raising Front is the best option as combines a good ventilation with easiness to enter in the greenhouse (includes a pedestrian hinged door). It can be mounted a different type of Front in each end of the greenhouse, and the costumer can change it whenever he wants if after a while he needs different greenhouse features.

There are available different options to control the internal temperature. First the costumer can install a skylight window in the top of the greenhouse, this window runs like a chimney, letting out the hot air accumulated in the ceiling of the structure. In the other hand it can be installed a rolling side ventilation (in one side of the greenhouse or both of them), letting the movement of the air in the structure sides. This ventilation can be mounted with a mesh preventing insects and sands from entering.

Its easiness to be assembled is one of the most important advantages of this structure. It is not necessary any foundation and the joining of the pieces is made with clamps fastened with screws. The structure is covered with 800 gauges plastic, which is buried to the ground all around. Burying the plastic increases the resistance of the greenhouse to weather conditions. There are quite lines of polyester wire placed between the first and the final arch in order to avoid water accumulations in the top of the greenhouse and to increase the resistance. You can, also, check our catalogue .

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