FERTRI’s GOTHIC greenhouse is structurally like the multitunnel but the roof is composed of gothic arches, so that spans are higher. Therefore, we get greater luminosity, bigger air volume, better ventilation, then better climate control.

  • Supports big crop loads
  • Big air volume
  • Professional growing
  • Large planting areas
  • Better climate control
  • More usable space

Ogival shape

Bigger height that implies bigger volume, thus providing more CO2 availability for the plant.

Arch slope

The slope minimizes the drip surface on the crop and favors the evacuation of condensation.

Environmental control

Because of bigger air volume, temperature change is smoother, and its control is more precise.

Greater Luminosity

The arch shape allows maximum light penetration.

Effective ventilation

The design of the structure supports various types of zenithal, side and frontal ventilation

Higher height

Higher height allows thermal/shading screen, fans, heaters, fog system, sprinklers, … over the plants. Besides, thermal oscillation around the plant is smaller

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