Glass Wide Span

The FERTRI Glass Wide Span greenhouse is characterized by its gabled structure. It is reinforced by trusses that form the inclined roof. This glass-covered structure is developed for the most demanding and special conditions, taking special care of aesthetics. The quality of its finishes makes the difference. Its large air volume capacity and its great insulating capacity give it optimum thermal stability.

  • Gable roof structure
  • High wind resistance
  • Supports large crop loads
  • Thermal stability
  • High Quality of finishes


Strong structure, specifically developed for the most demanding and special conditions. High resistance to wind and crop load.

Greenhouse Effect

Excellent greenhouse effect, keeping the energy inside the greenhouse.


Admits all types of accessories and climate control systems that are easy to install.

Gable roof

Roof formed by two inclined planes that, in addition to favoring ventilation, easily evacuates rainwater.

Optimal transparency

Increases crop yield and quality. Easy to clean with water. Full use of light in areas with low solar radiation.

Cover durability

Long-lasting glass withstands inclement weather without deterioration of transparency conditions.

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