Invernadero multitúnel

The FERTRI MULTITUNNEL greenhouse is a structure with straight walls and curved roof. It adapts to all types of land and crops. Rounded arches are stronger against the wind. This greenhouse is usually composed of several spans; different widths are available. Cladding material, type of ventilations and height according to project’s needs.

  • Highly resistant to wind
  • Ideal for moderate climates
  • Professional growing
  • Large cultivation areas
  • Space optimization
  • Better climate control
Invernadero multitúnel

Rounded arch

The shape of the arches makes the structure more aerodynamic and therefore more resistant to the wind.

Shadow reduction

The curved roof reduces the height so that the shadow produced between spans is less.

Natural climate control

This design allows a big volume of air inside, which favors a natural temperature control.

Greater luminosity

The shape of the arch maximizes light penetration.

Effective ventilation

This structure allows different types of zenithal, side and frontal ventilation.

Higher greenhouse

Higher height allows thermal/shading screen, fans, heaters, fog system, sprinklers… over the plants. Besides, thermal oscillation around the plant is smaller

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