Shed Structure

Shed Greenhouse Structures from FERTRI are agricultural structures designed to give you a perfect combination of durability, versatility and funtionality. They are manufactured with high quality galvanized steel and polyester covering with PVC in both sides. 

These sheds are ideal for storing machinery, tools, forage for the cattle or any equipment you need to maintain protected and accessible, so the structure was developed specifically to bear most demanding conditions from the agricultural environment.

  • Agricultural Use
  • Space Optimization
  • Easy to install
  • Available widths: 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m
  • You can choose every length you need
  • Strength
  • Flexible Covering
  • Adaptable to terrain
  • Resistance and durability


The structure adapts easily to ground features and different types of storing you could need.

Protection and security

Compatible with fire security regulation, offering an aditional protection to your goods.


Higth quality materials guarantee a long durability, withstanding the inclement weather without deterioration.


Available in different colors and sizes adjustable to your specific needs.


We introduce you our shed structure greenhouse:

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