Thermal screen

FERTRI screens are horticultural textiles placed as a mobile cover in the upper part of the greenhouse, they are opened and closed automatically according to the climatic conditions and the crop demands.

Its structure is flexible and easy to fold, once folded it occupies a minimum space passing through the maximum amount of light.

Greenhouse can have:

  • A shading screen to reduce solar radiation, the temperature around the plant, water consumption and risk of burning plants.
  • A thermal screen to reduce energy losses.
  • A mixed screen which tries to combine both goals (energy saving and shading)
  • Dark screen providing the total blackout needed to manage plants that need a shorter day than daylight hours allow.
  • Two screens (thermal and shading). Installing both screens is the best solution to lessen costs of cooling and heating systems reducing the solar radiation in summer and energy losses at night and wintertime.

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